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Thursday 18 and Friday 19 april 2013

“After eighteen months of negotiation, on 11 April 1713 diplomats from all over Europe concluded a peace treaty in the Utrecht city hall, which had enormous consequences for the countries involved and their possessions overseas.” The Utrecht treaty is the occasion for a massive cultural program in Utrecht, celebrating the arts and culture. We want to add to this, in our own peculiar manner, by inviting proposals for paper presentations in aesthetics on any of the following issues.


Rob Scholte (affirmed)


– Culture wars: high and low art (art and kitsch); subsidy-regimes. E.g., subsidy cuts on “high art” that seems unable to fund itself by sales to the masses.
– War as a theme in art. Are war-scenes depicted neutrally; should they be? Did Picasso’s Guernica perhaps have a societal impact on peace? What to think of the artist’s freedom not to tell the truth?
– Peace as a theme in art. Peace in art?
– How do artists respond to the representation of war in the media? Can art be understood as a response to epistemological indifference in journalism? (Think of artists such as Goya, Manet and Picasso; and more recently Anno Dijkstra, Roland Ophuis; Fernando Botero’s paintings of Abu Graib atrocities, etc.)
– Strive between philosophical schools in the philosophy of art. Are there unsurmountable differences between the Continental and the Analytical schools in aesthetics? Does it make sense to distinguish between these “schools”?
– Philosophical aesthetics vs. empirical approaches (normativity and preference). Can all philosophical questions (or even any) be solved through empirical research?
– Isn’t artistic creativity a war on the easy?

The program will alot 30 minute slots per speaker, and includes a poster session for phd projects, as well as a collaboration with a local art institute.


Sweelinckzaal, Drift 21, Utrecht


The deadline for submissions of 500-word proposals is January 31, 2013. Submissions (and papers) may be either in Dutch or English. Decisions should be available within two weeks of the deadline.


The organisers:

Rob van Gerwen, rob.vangerwen@phil.uu.nl
Kees Vuyk, Kees Vuyk, c.m.vuyk@uu.nl

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