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NGE stelt voor: De hele Kritiek van het Oordeelsvermogen in 12 uur!



Kants Third Critique 25-26 June, Opening words: 9.50 am. On the occasion of the first publication of Kants third Critique in Dutch translation under the title Kritiek van het oordeelsvermogen (Boom Uitgevers 2009) the Department of Philosophy of the UNIVERSITY OF AMSTERDAM organizes a two-day workshop dedicated to discussing themes from the Critique of the Power of Judgment. The Critique of the Power of Judgment is as influential as Kants first two Critiques and continues to be a fertile source for philosophers, theorists of aesthetics, cognitive scientists and artists alike. Among scholars there is however still controversy about the precise meaning of Kants third Critique and its place in the critical philosophy overall. The first day of the workshop is devoted to novel interpretations of principal aspects of the third Critique. In particular we look at one topical strand of Kants multifaceted account which concerns the centrality of the empirical and empirical judgment for Kants philosophy. On the second day some of the interpretive issues discussed will be brought to bear on more general themes in contemporary philosophy, and also the impact of the third Critique on aesthetics and modern culture will be assessed. The workshop will be concluded with a roundtable discussion. Speakers: Gary Banham (Manchester Metropolitan, UK), Elsbeth Brouwer (UvA), Josef Frchtl (UvA), Ido Geiger (Ben Gurion, Israel), Johan Hartle (UvA), Ernst-Otto Onnasch (Utrecht), Dennis Schulting (UvA), Bart Vandenabeele (Gent, Belgium), Jacco Verburgt (VU). Attendance is free of charge. As there is very limited availability of seats, specialists who work on Kants third Critique or Kant in general and would like to attend are kindly requested to register by indicating their interest in an email to: e.c.brouwer@uva.nl or d.schulting@uva.nl

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