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Organisation: Faculty of Philosophy and Department of Arts, Culture and Media.
Organisers: Julian Hanich and Judith Vega

Keynote speaker

Prof. Berys Gaut, University of St. Andrews (UK).
Lecture: Cinematic Art and Technology

Berys Gaut has published many titles in the combined fields of aesthetics and ethics, and in film philosophy, among which A Philosophy of Cinematic Art (CUP, 2010).

The workshop is a follow-up of the lecture series ‘Thinking Cinema: New Approaches in Film Philosophy’, held from January to June 2014 at the University of Groningen. The series showcased diverse angles to the theme, with lectures by Gregory Currie, Josef Früchtl, Patricia Pisters, Martin Seel, and Murray Smith.

The graduate workshop will continue this endeavour of sampling and exploring a variety of theoretical angles for reflecting on film. It is meant to bring together junior and senior researchers in the field of film philosophy, and discuss their ongoing research. We in particular invite papers by PhD’s working in the field or on topics close to it. Next, there is room for some papers by postdocs. We will be able to place only a limited number of participants. Our selection of paper proposals will be made on the basis of their fit with the seminar theme and general quality. This will contibute to the character of the event, set up as an intensive research seminar.

Papers will be circulated in advance, presented in 15 minutes, and followed by 15 minutes of discussion.

Deadlines and contact

Deadline abstracts (200-400 wrds): 19 December.
Deadine full papers (5000-9000 wrds): 13 February.
(Abstracts as well as papers are in English; the language of the seminar is English.)

The workshop will start Friday, 11 am, and close Saturday, 2 pm.

Participation is free. We expect you to search financial support for your travel and stay from your Research School or other academic institution. If you are unable to cover costs this way, we may help financing your travel expenses.

Contact and abstract submission (please mail us both at once):
j.hanich@rug.nl; j.a.vega@rug.nl

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