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Symposium Nederlands Genootschap voor Esthetica =

Dutch Association of Aesthetics, 2023

Location: Bradwolff Projects, Oetewalerstraat 73, 1093 MD Amsterdam


Theme: Recent years have seen a stronger push towards addressing the structures and systems of oppression and exclusion that persist in present day society. This could be a sign of a growing acknowledgement in general, but it seems especially the arts in which this awareness is expressed and taken on. 

What does this development mean for aesthetics, for the philosophy of art? What should be done to include the ‘voices of the voiceless’ in the canon of aesthetics and philosophy of art? Or should aesthetics first start to re-establish itself in order to contribute to an inclusive philosophy of art? How do philosophers of art take on, re-work, and transform notions from inside and outside the canon of Western aesthetics? Which notions do they make redundant, which notions do they activate?

Keynote speakers:

Monique Roelofs, professor of Philosophy of Art and Culture at the University of Amsterdam.

Maria Hlavajova, founding general and artistic director of BAK, basis voor aktuele kunst, Utrecht.

Rob van Gerwen, senior lecturer Philosophy at the University Utrecht & director of Consilium Philosophicum.

In addition to the keynote speakers, contributions are given by a panel presentation consisting of Catherine Botha, Rainy Demerson, Jackï Job, Sara Matchett, Matthias Pauwels, and by individual presentations by Julia Eckhardt, Marlies de Munck, Francesca Natale, Jörg Schaub, Judith Vega.

Attendance (both days): 

free for NGE/ DAA members

non-members: 25,00 euro (= membership NGE/DAA 2023)

students: 10,00 euro

RSVP: let us know when you plan to attend by sending a mail to: erikhagoort@dds.nl

Friday, June 30, 2023

open: 09.30
10.00-11.00: keynote Monique Roelofs – Aesthetic Address and the Imagination of a Public “We”
11.00-12.00: keynote Maria Hlavajova – Instituting Otherwise
12.00-12.30: Conversation Monique Roelofs – Maria Hlavajova

• 12.30-13.30: Lunch

13.30-16.15 (including break around 15.00): Matthias Pauwels, Catherine Botha, Sara Matchett, Rainy Demerson, Jackï Job
Panel – Somaesthetic approaches to aesthetic inclusivity: African perspectives

• 16.15-16.30: Short break

16.30-17.15: Julia Eckhardt – Quality in Music – Judgment between Uniqueness and General Validity 16: 17.15-17.45: Conversation speakers of the day

• Drinks till 18.30


Saturday, July 1, 2023

open: 09.30
10.00-10.45: NGE-vergadering voor NGE-leden
10.45-10.55: In memoriam Jurry Ekkelboom, eulogy by Rob van Gerwen
11.00-12.00: keynote Rob van Gerwen – Aesthics. Moral deliberation is an aesthetic process – and art’s role
12.00-12.20: conversation Monique Roelofs, Maria Hlavajova, Rob van Gerwen

• 12.20-12.35: Intermezzo + short break

12.35-13.20: Marlies de Munck – Kunst als immersieve ervaring

• 13.20-14.05: Lunch

14.05-14.50: (online) Francesca Natale – “Unblackboxing” attentional practices: aesthetic attention, public space and participatory art
14.50-15.35: Jörg Schaub – Conceptualizing Aesthetic Inclusion and Exclusion/Discrimination

• 15.35-15.45: Short break

15.45-16.30: Judith Vega – Just seeing

16.30-17.00: Conversation speakers of the day

• Drinks until 18.30


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